Online Education Give Students Path to Promising Careers

Online Education is one of the fastest-growing markets across the region. There has been a significant rise in private schools, colleges, universities and corporate sectors across the Middle East. iCademy Middle East is one of the leading online learning platforms accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), meeting the highest standards in educational management and accountability. iCademy provides a fully accredited, US-curriculum programme and delivers an individualised learning course in order to maximise the potential of children and ensuring they do not get left behind by their peers.

All students are fully supported by qualified and committed teachers, counsellors and academic coaches. iCademy Middle East, fully accredited by the KHDA, combines the benefits of a traditional school with the flexibility of individual support and personalised plans. Students have spoken about the role online education has had in getting them ready for university – as more young people and parents turn to this method in the Middle East.

Imaan Carrim, who has been enrolled in iCademy for almost three years, said: “iCademy has truly helped me understand the beauty of giving students the space and freedom to work to the beats of their own drums. I was given a space where I could focus more on subjects that I struggled with such as Mathematics and truly take my time to hone my skills.”

When asked if online schooling has helped or hindered her in terms of future career prospects, Carrim added: “Online schooling has definitely helped my future career because it truly taught me skills that I will be able to translate into any life situation. Whether it be strengthening my academic responsibilities, improving communication skills, or even with coming into my own and truly flourishing as a human being, I don’t think I would have had the opportunity to do this in an alternate academic setting. Online school was the best choice for me, and it might be the best choice for many others out there.”

Likewise, Reham Zia, a 16-year-old student from Pakistan, believes homeschooling is the way forward for three main reasons: flexibility in learning; developing academic, emotional and social skills through authentic real-life experiences, and personalised learning. “Schools are rigid in schedules. Flexibility in homeschooling allows children, who find some concepts hard, time to work through and master their coursework before moving on. iCademy offers flexibility in terms of managing one’s own schedule and pace.”

“I definitely think online schooling has helped me gain the confidence and knowledge needed for my future career. Since I spent most of my time working to establish a steady list of extracurricular activities, I learned valuable life lessons and skills that would help me in workplace,” Zia explained. iCademy also offers iCad, a unique and inclusive full-time programme for determined ones that targets both academic objectives and personal development.

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