Blackboard Partners with Abu Dhabi School of Government

Blackboard continues to deepen its commitment with the Middle East. The three-day Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC) for Russia, Middle East and Africa (RMEA) region, at the Conrad Dubai Hotel from March 11-13, 2019 saw more than 220 delegates from 85 institutions from 11 countries, and was inaugurated by Mr Shakir Farsakh, Commercial Attache at the US Consulate General in Dubai.

“The UAE is racing ahead in its adoption of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and technology companies such as Blackboard could play a great role in helping the UAE and other countries in the region achieve their goals,” Shakir Farsakh said. The fast deployment of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact on education was one of the topics discussed. Industry 4.0 will require a massive digital transformation across all areas of society and the education system need to keep up with the changes in order to arm students and professionals with the adequate skills.

“Education is at an inflection point, and we see new, evolving needs from students, academics and institutions,” Bill Ballhaus, Chairman, CEO and President of Blackboard, said in his remarks. Innovative solutions that leverage new technologies, including automation, data and analytics, AI and machine learning, can help students, teachers and the education community as a whole meet the challenges they are facing and achieve better outcomes.

Bill Ballhaus also announced a new partnership with the Abu Dhabi School of Government, one of the biggest clients in the region, to provide online access to a variety of learning and development programs and professional training to government employees in Abu Dhabi.
Hanny Alshazly, Senior Regional Director at Blackboard, said: “Society is rapidly evolving and students and trained professionals need to acquire new skills. At Blackboard, we have our sights set on the future to help institutions anticipate and plan for what lies ahead. All our teaching and learning solutions are available on the cloud and we continue to invest in innovation to accelerate and drive change and deliver the benefits of technology right into the hands of the learners. We want to bring these advantages to our valued clients in the Middle East.”

With more than 40 presentations, workshop and keynotes, the TLC RMEA Conference was an unparalleled opportunity for educators, technology experts and industry leaders to share ideas and best practices, and discuss the pivotal role played by technology in driving student and institutional success.

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