Curio Showcases AI Innovations at GESS 2019

A game-based learning solution, Curio, powered by, showcased its artificial intelligence (AI) learning solution at the Global Education Supplies and Solutions Dubai (GESS Dubai) exhibition and conference from the 26th to 28th of February at the Dubai World Trade Center. Curio aims to enhance education by providing an AI-enabled solution that engages students, teachers, school management and parents in the learning process.

Throughout the three-day show, Curio is providing mini-workshops for teachers to experience the solution first-hand and share ideas on actively integrating AI into their classrooms.  Developed and tailored for students from grades 6 to 9, Curio aligns its content according to any schools’ curricula, providing personalized learning in a gamified method.

Curio acts as a ‘smart study companion’ which students can access during and after school hours to polish their foundation skills in mathematics and science through lessons, practice exercises, and educational games in both English and Arabic. All stakeholders are involved in the learning process; teachers can use the solution to track classroom progress in order to cater lesson plans according to strengths and areas for development, whereas the school management gains 360° visibility onto the learning process, receiving insights on teachers’ and students’ performance. Parents are also involved in the AI solution as they are provided with instant updates, which allows them to enhance and develop a suitable learning environment for their children.

Schools can easily integrate Curio into its curriculum as a primary or supplementary tool to equip teachers and students with an engaging learning platform that offers multi-player games, practice quizzes and an interactive interface and learning path grounded on skill-based knowledge graphs, adaptive content and a gamified pedagogy.

Commenting on Curio’s participation at GESS Dubai, Filipe Wesley de Souza, Head of Education at said: “We are excited to reach out to thousands of educators, teachers and experts at GESS Dubai as this is the first participation of its kind for Curio at such a large education show. We took a scientific approach when developing Curio, working closely with industry experts, to ensure that it remains not only engaging and interesting but also an effective learning tool for students, while providing significant insights and visibility for teachers and also parents so that they are also closely involved in their children’s learning process.”

He added: “It’s not a surprise that kids are increasingly spending their time connected in one way or another – their digital footprint is just as real as any other aspect of their lives. Education, however, is far behind in trying to keep up with kids’ connected lifestyles. So, we made sure to cater to students’ interests by listening to their concerns and preferences. They are fueled with an innate desire to discover and learn through Curio’s gamified approach. Through our learning solutions, students can learn, practice, and play with their ‘smart companion’, creating a truly engaging experience.”

Curio, a student’s ‘smart study companion’ for mathematics and science is powered by, and has been developed to provide an engaging learning experience in both English and Arabic that encourages students to learn and improve their skill-set during and after school hours while involving all stakeholders within the learning process.

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