Robotix Announces the Global Launch of Robobricks at GESS 2019

Robotix has announced the global launch of Robobricks, for kids ages 4 and above, at the GESS Dubai 2019. Robobricks is a screen free interactive robotic construction toy bringing moments of magic to a child’s xplaytime. Kids ages 4 +, can build & code, bringing robots to life with motors, CPU, Sensors, Wand, coding chips, Audio Sound block, LED Light block using Origami and paper craft and with Duplo, Morphun, Lego bricks.

Robotix is also the creator of Phiro educational Robots for children ages 4 to 18. Phiro was successfully crowd funded on Kickstarter and was recognized by Intel USA as one of “America’s Greatest Makers”.

Robotix’s another revolutionary contribution to Ed-tech industry is Taco Playbits: A magical screen- free STEM toy for kids ages 3 and above.

The unique features of Playbits are:

  • 100% Screen Free
  • Parents or Educators can record their own questions in any language of their choice be it German or Russian or French or Spanish etc. providing unique challenges to their children using the special customization feature of Playbits.
  • Playbits is Braille compatible, enabling blind & visually impaired children to play and learn. Taco Playbits was successfully crowd funded on Indiegogo in 2018.

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